Cancer theory of Wen-you Zheng: 
Ascend of earth gas is wind, descend of air is rain
Intercourse of sky and earth give birth the world,human is the same as universe 

Award honor to Wen-you Zheng (left) by Peng Yuanfu recover from live cancer of huge types
Award honor to Wen-you Zheng (left) by Qing Sanfu recover from colon cancer
Patient Peng Yuanfu reward honor to Wen-you Zheng

【General knowledge about cancer proof】
Eat more tomato can prevent cancer:

Scientists from America said that statistics show that eat more tomato can reduce the risk of getting cancer.
Tomato has clear effect to prostate cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer as well as pancreas cancer, colon cancer, galactophore cancer, and womb cancer.  
The reasons for this function are many. It contains an antioxidant subject--Lycopene which can reduce the rate of get cancer; meanwhile it contains some beneficial compounds which can cross effect to intensify the ability of prevent cancer; besides people who always eat tomato are those have healthy living mode, and there are many fruit and vegetable in their recipe, so the risk reduced.   

What symptom does stomach cancer have in the early times:
  High guard of patient, early treatment and regular fiber gastroscope check. Regular fiber gastroscope check for highly risky people is worthy for the early check of stomach cancer.
The conditions below belong to highly risky people:
(1) Have dull atrophy gastricism, intestine epidermis infection, pernicious anemia, gastric ulcer, stomach polypi, remains after surgery, etc.
(2) Have bad food habit: prefer salty food, indulge in smoking and drinking, eat quickly and in hot.
(3) Stomachache can not be cured above 40 years old. 
Regular observation, check can achieve a good effect for early treatment of stomach cancer.

How to check out Gynaecology's tumour :
  Because the symptom of cancer in early days do not clear and usually be neglected, meanwhile many check methods are not satisfactory. So, cancer specialists devoted to the research in hope of find an object to  mark the cancer easily and sensitively. For the ten years, this project has achieved a rapid development. The clinic application of specific mark in blood serum to check out cancer is important for early diagnose, treatment and judgement of cancer which has saved many patients lives who have malignancy. The commonly used mark for women's cancer contains 1. CA125: check ovary  epidermis relative antigen. After 70 years, the immune diagnose of cancer promoted. American scholar Bats used cell plant of ovary epidermis to cultivate cross cancer has succeed which has now been used globally. Statistics showed that in clinic supervision of ovary epidermis, the change of CA125 index  for diagnose and supervision of illness can reaches to 83%-90%. It can not only used for early diagnose and indentification, but also for observation of changes of of the illness, and can stop treatment when become stable which has prevent bliendness in treatment. And it is very important for release of illness, extension of life and promotion of life quality. 
2、First foetus globulin of serum (AFP) is specific index for check of embryo antrum cancer in ovary. AFP is specific albumen that formed by yolk bag of embryon and unmatural lung cell. It contains high in embryo blood serum and can not be checked out after several days been born and ordinary people can also not be checked out. Research showed that inner embryo  antrum cancer in yolk bag in embryo period can excrete AFP. In various overseas documents, AFP check in ovary inner embryo  antrum cancer  of the patient, it proved that this index is specific and very sensitive in diagnose of inner embryo  antrum cancer. It can not only used for reliable index for check of reoccur of cancer, but also largely promoted the cure effect. Ovary inner embryo antrum cancer usually occur in young people. More than 10 years ago, the death rate can reach to 92%. In recent years, the application of this index largely promoted the survival rate and let some young female reserved their bearing abilities.  
3、The chorion urges the gonad hormone(HCG): there is another kind of cancer called nourish cell cancer which is related to pregnancy. Such as:  vesicular mole, corrosion vesicular mole and chorion epidermis cancer. Benign vesicular mole is limited in womb; corrosion vesicular mole has invaded in muscle or shifted to basin or the remote. Chorion  epidermis cancer has lost the structure of original chorion epidermis and vesicular mole which can shift swiftly and cause death. Chorion urge gonad hormone has been used in clinic. The supervision of HGC has revived many patients with nourish cell cancer and give bearing abilities to many young females.    

Drink increase the risk to get galactophore cancer:
  Researchers said today that although drinking is helpful for heart, every day a cup of wine or beer can increase the risk to get galactophore for women.  
Drink 10k of alcohol every day can increase the rate to get galoctophore to 7% for women, although smoking can cause many diseases and cancer but it has no connection with galactophore. After research of the 53 items about drinking and smoking with the effect of galactophore, scientists assumed that drinking has caused 4% of galactophore in developed countries. 
Professor Valerie.Robert in Britain Oxford Radclyffe hospital said that although the ratio is little, but is should be paid attention to because it can reduce the risk. She said that every there are 40 thousand cases of galactophore in Braitain. If women stopped drinking, ever year it can reduce 2000 cases. 
Although researchers do not know what caused galactophore, they estimated that it maybe that alcohol changed the level of estrogenic of women. Galactophore is the most common cancer for women.  Early youghhood, postpone of menopause, family case history, late pregnancy or disable of bearing is the cause of cancer. 
In considering that drinking can prevent heart break and  apoplexy but also have negative effect to galactophore, Robert said that the balance between the tow depends on the age of female. After 66 year's old, the rate of get heart attack is higher than galactophore, so then the advantage of appropriate drinking exeeds the negative effect. 


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