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Case report for liver and stomach cancer
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Case report (part) for cure of liver cancer in middle or late period by Zheng's anti-cancer series traditional Chinese medicine
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Sun×× Male 65 Reoccur of primary liver cancer after surgery (liver cell cancer) Found tumor in right liver with 48mm dimension in June 1989, cut off in July and the phthology report to be "liver cell cancer". Reoccur in August 1991. The tumor has 50×60mm and become bigger, diagnosed "Reoccur of liver cancer after surgery". Refuse chemical treatment and do not have clear look up by all medicines.  From May 1994 to Aug 1998 Started to accept treatment of Zheng's series anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine in May 1994 for several periods with look up of disease. B ultrasonography shows disappear of focus in right liver in March 1998, peritomeum do not have swell lymph; phthology and chemical check are all normal. Solidify treatment for 6 months.  Healthy, visiting in Nov 2000. 9 months Teng Long Power Supply Bureau, Keshike, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia   
Li×× Male 73 Primary liver cancer of big type (move within the liver ) Bulge ache of liver area, tired, have no appetite, icterus and slime in Dec 1993. B ultrasonography showed right liver have 76×72mm big tumor, floc floating in down vena cava in Jan 1994, diagnose primary liver cancer in right liver with abdomen succus accumulation and vena cava cancer cork. Same results with CT scan.  In March 1994, focus become 96×92mm. Do not have chemical or other treatment.  From March 1994 to Jan 1995 In March 1994, accept Zheng's anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After 3 months the symptom started to disappear. Several times recheck showed : focus reduced to 87×77mm in Many 1994;46×38mm in Sep 1994; 40××36mm in Nov 1994; in Jan 1995, the size of liver become normal, the transferred focus and vena cava disappeared.   Healthy, visiting in March 1997. On June 3, 2001, sent a letter saying "I got liver cancer when 71 year's old till I am 78 now. I am healthy. Thanks for the concern of your hospital."   9 years Liexi Second Village, Xiaoluan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong
Zhang×× Male 38 Move of primary liver cancer  Bulge ache of liver area, tired, have no appetite with chest stuffy feel and rear shit in Aug 1991. CT and MRI diagnosed as primary liver cancer.  Do not turn good after chemical treatment and found transfer of one pair of lungs. Chemical treatment stops.   From Dec 1991 to May 1993 In Jan 1991, accept Zheng's anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The symptom became better and appetite became better.  Recheck in May 1993, the lump has disappeared.  Healthy, visiting in March 1997. Still healthy by visiting in Nov 2000.   11 years Terra Mine Bereau, Guangshan County, Henan 
Peng×× Male 52 Primary cancer (large type late period) Do not have appetite, feel tied well of lung heave of huge pieces in 1990. Accretion of tail liver, have several lump about 103×86mm, peritoneum and have lymph      swell.  AFP(+). Diagnosed primary liver cancer of large type (in late period) . Hospitals in province and local area refuse to cure "incurable".  From Oct 1990 to March 1992  Accept the new "cure cancer, persist in the ambition" on Oct 6, 1990 from 《China Daily》. In Jan 19, accept Zheng's anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After taking the medicine for 8 months the lump reduced and weight increased.  Recover to work in June 1991.  CT showed disappear of lump in Jan 1991. AFP turned negative. Turn healthy till now.  Invited to and presented address on  "cancer recovery meeting" in Sep 1997.  Still healthy by visiting in Dec 2000.   12 years No. Construction Factory, Chenzhou, Hunan

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