Case report (part) for cure of weasand cancer in middle or late period by Zheng's anti-cancer series traditional Chinese medicine
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 Huang×× Female 47 Progressing swallow obstacle. Gastroscope result showed latter part mucosity of  weasand is coarse on Oct 9, 1995. Lump in cardia about 15×20mm with erosion of surface. Diagnosed latter part of weasand cardia cancer. Do not have any anti-cancer treatment.  Weasand cardia cancer  From Oct 1995 to May 1996 On Oct 11, 1995, accept Zheng's anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After 20 days taking the medicine, ache of breastbone disappeared. Tow months later obstacle disappeared. Three months later, recovered and weight increased, can do labour work. Gastroscope result showed disappear of lump only "  catarrh inflammation".  Clinic heal Healthy after half year. Stick to solidify treatment. It has been 3 years after cure. Present articles to this newspaper in Oct 1998 to show thanks.     Yankuang Village, Qingfeng Village, Guigang,  Guangxi 
He×× Male 58 Ache of back breastbone, difficulty for swallow intensified. Confirmed as cardia cancer by Zhengzhou Lump Hospital in Feb 1991.By-effect intensified in chemical treatment, reduce of leucocyte, but difficulty in swallow do not put off and lose weight. The chemical treatment forced to be  stopped. cardia cancer  From June 1991 to Dec 1991 In  June 1991, accept Zheng's anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine treatment. One month after taking the medicine, it smoothly to take medicine and get a good complexion, weight increased. Symptom disappeared after consecutive drink of medicine.  Recheck by Zhenzhou Cancer  Hospital on Nov 27, 1991, the focus disappeared. Heal Healthy by visiting in July 1994. Revisiting in Nov 1999, it has not reoccurred for 8 years.  Education Bureau, Jili District, Luoyang, Henan

Case report (part) for cure of intestine cancer in middle or late period by Zheng's anti-cancer series traditional Chinese medicine

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  Qin×× Male 60 Infection Hospital, Tonghua, Jilin  Rectum cancer  March 1993 It diagnosed to be rectum cancer at Tonghua Local Hospital in March 1993. Accept cutting surgery in Henan Luoyang Cancer Hospital on March 16, 1993. Do not have chemical treatment but radical treatment. Orally take Zheng's anti-cancer TCM, and take the medicine discontinuously after 3 months.   Do not reoccur up to now by calling this spring festival and everything goes well.  
960-989 Li× Female 63 Geyong Village, Bijiang town, Shunde, Guangde Colon cancer  May 1996 It diagnosed to be colon cancer by Zhongshan Medical University of Guangzhou in May 1996. Receive surgery treatment in this hospital, but have stomachache and receive difference after surgery. Through introduction, after taking the medicine for 3 months, the symptom disappeared.   This patients introduced others to accept treatment in our hospital in March 2002 by herself and is healthy up to now.  
03-170 Liang×× Female 50 No. 28, Jiefang Rd, Yulin, Guangxi   Ovary cancer rectum shifting Jam 2003 It diagnosed to be ovary cancer by Guangxi Yulin  hospital on Jan 3, 2003. And have ovary cut in this hospital. But recta shifted and  purulence blood piss, the condition do not stable. The patient refuse to accept surgery. In May 2003, started to take Zheng's anti-cancer TCM for continuous two months. Have clear effect.    In good state by visiting in July 14 2003. Have good appetite, normally defecated, reduce of cancer embryo antigen.


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