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Tribute of Jia Hongde

[ Zheng's Series Anti-cancer Chinese Medicine is Excellent Medicine to Cure Cancer]

  It checked out that there was a 32×30mm bump in my liver on Aug 28, 1996. So I occupied a bed in General Hospital of Zhongyuan Oil Field Staff on that day and the CT scan confirmed that was liver cancer. On Sep 4, I turned to Henan Cancer Hospital for treatment. On Sep 14, I had a surgery to cut the bump. But because the reduction of albumin and globulin after the surgery, I could not accept chemical treatment, so I went home for relaxation on Oct 15. One month later it checked that both the albumen were normal. Then I went to the Cancer Hospital again. Before the chemical treatment, the B ultrascope showed that two  29×27mm,11×9mm bumps reborn on the original position. At that time I felt despaired and great pressure on me because that was incurable disease. All the family members were at the end's of their will. When my son asked the doctor how to treat the disease in the earth and what would be the result, the doctor told him that if the chemical treatment continued I could live another 5 months, if the chemical treatment stopped I could only live 3 months. I had heard about Chinese Medicine Cancer Hospital in Xingyang the first time I was in hospital in Sep, but I did not pay attention to it in thought that cure in big hospital when have money. But in that situation, in the attitude of a trial, my son went to Xingyang taking my case history. I bought 500 Yuan medicine from the hospital and left to Xingyang. I stayed in Xingyang Wen-you Zheng Chinese Medicine Cancer Hospital for ten days with my wife. During that period, presidents Liu and Hu went to my sickroom several times a day to give me comfort and encourage which inspired my confidence to cure cancer and my spiritual situation started to be stable. In order to the convenient of living, I took the medicine home. On Nov 29, I had been taking the medicine for one month, and I could go to the hospital to recheck. But the New Year's Day was coming, while I did not know the effect of the medicine. I did not want to let my family members spend a sorrow festival, so I did not go to the hospital for recheck regardless of their persuasion. On Jan 2, 1997, I had B ultrascope in the hospital with my wife which showed that one bump disappeared and another one reduced. I could not believe the result thinking that they did not tell me the truth in consideration of the friend companioned that day. On the coldest day-Feb 4, I went to Xingyang with my wife again and little Zhang gave me a cearful B ultrascope check for more than 20 minutes which also showed that one bump was disappeared and one was reduced, it seamed to be angioma.  At that time, my heart was clamed and I thought that I have found the right doctor and I was saved. From then on, I had a check once a month and they were all normal. The provincial cancer hospital said that I could only live 5 month, but I have lived for almost 7 years with increase of weight and abundant energy. In this period I had been in work till retire in Aug 1997. For those years, I have been thinking that cancer is not fearful, but the missing of right doctor. Only Chinese medicine is the best way to cure cancer, only Zheng's series Chinese medicine is the best way to cure cancer.   

  In the coming of spring festival, I and my family sincerely wish professor Zheng healthy and hope that your medicine can save more people's lives and the way of Chinese traditional medicine to cure cancer has a better future.  


Tribute of Shi Yida

[ Zheng's Series Anti-cancer Chinese Medicine is Excellent Medicine to Cure Cancer ]

  I am Shi Yida, 58, worker of Nanjing Jiao County Steal General Factory. On Nov 26,1992, after been checked in several big hospitals, it confirmed to be liver cancer in late period. The doctor told me "old men, go back home and eat something luxurious......". When I went back to my work, colleagues stared at me pitifully indicating that I could not live long. They gossiped" this year our factory is so unlucky. Four of the managerial workers have cancer. Tow of them had gone. Lao Shi also have, so his bed is lain aside coffin."  When I borrow money from factory, he said in an disgusting voice ;"who can cure your disease, I will pay for it even 100 thousand or 80 thousand." I am so outrageous. Cancer can not be cured? I do not fear of death. Everyone has to die, it is only the time. But I do not want to die, how to cure cancer I thought in my hear. During that 20 days, I did not take a piece of medicine.  
  Authorized specialists of the big hospitals asked me to stay in Zhongshanling 125 Hospital. Every day I was injected "human blood leucocyte". One month later, I asked :"how much it will take for the surgery and in the hospital?". He said :"about 30thousand." "Do you have the practice of recovery from cancer?"  He doubted :"it can extend your life." Later I was in a field hospital with the help of my friend. After been checked by chief doctor, I prepared for radiation and chemical treatment. One of my colleague, named Little Chen, 31, also accepted radiation and chemical treatment several times in the hospital. He was badly afflicted and died after New Year's Day. Thinking of that, I did not know what to do. During that period, I got a book from a family member of a patient named <<Light of Traditional Chinese  Medicine to Cure Cancer>> and the golden characters have given me the hope.     
  At that time, I was very happy and I cried that I was saved. No roads beyond the hills and streams, amidst willows and flowers another village appears. After taking Zheng's anti-cancer medicine for tow periods, I was healed. In that struggling with live and death, I thought that Zheng's series anti-cancer medicine is the best medicine. Now I have been living for 7 years without rebirth of the disease but a strong body and a weight of 140 kg. After several hours works each day, I do not feel tired. In order to live a meaningfully life, I go the the street to serve the people and enjoy the happiness.  


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