Case report (part) for cure of stomach cancer in middle or late period
by Zheng's anti-cancer series
traditional Chinese medicine
Name Sex Age Diagnose Abstract of case history Cure time Treatment and result of the medicine Notes of visit Add
Ju×× Male 54 Stomach cancer reoccur after surgery (ulcer   low polarization adenocarcinoma) Stomach lump cutting surgery in Feb 1991, pathology "stomach cardia ulcer low polarization adenocarcinoma". The symptom reoccur after 6 months, harsh stomach, difficulty in  taking food. Recheck in Nov 1991 showed: below inosculation curve is about   3cm focus, diagnosed as stomach curve cancer. Refuse the second time surgery and chemical treatment.   From Dec 1991 to June 1992 In Dec 1991, accept Zheng's series anticancer treatment such as cancer turgescence vanish, cancer pain vanish, anticancer bolus, tea, etc. One month later, smoothly to take food and have appetite. Stomachache stopped. After consecutive 3 months, symptoms disappeared. Focus disappeared in recheck in March 1992. Started solidify and recovery treatment.  Present Shenzhen "Meeting of Cancer Cure Patient" in Sep 1997;  Healthy by visiting in June 2001. Basic Construction Dept, Power Supply Bureau, Jiyuan, Henan
Yu×× Male 60 Stomach sinus cancer For more than 20 years history of stomach ulcer. In the early 1993, the symptom intensified, abdomen swell, tired, slim, lose weight about 23 kg. Gastroscope result showed node block in sinus, bleeding. Active check found many cancer cell, diagnosed stomach cancer (March 1993). Refuse surgery  and chemical treatment.  From May 1993 to May 1994 Accept Zheng's treatment in May 1993. After taking the medicine for one month, pain reduced and appetite increased. Six months later, totally recovered. Gastroscope result showed disappear of focus, then work recovered. Recheck found "no cancer cell".   Reward honor to Wen-you Zheng Cancer Hospital in May 1996 《The skill of Wen-you has made a great contribution……》;Healthy, by visiting in July 2001. Weiming Clinic, Youting Town, Dazu County, Sichuan

Case report (part) for cure of tumour by Zheng's anti-cancer series
traditional Chinese medicine

Case no.
Start time
Abstract of case history
Notes of visit
950-1402 Chen×× Male 60  No.3, Xilin, Yuanpu Rd, Zencheng County, Guangdong Right lung cancer Dec, 1994 Diagnosed as right lung cancer in Zhongshan Medical University Cancer Hospital in Dec 1994. Cough, blood in the sputum, have radical treatment at that time but do not turn better. Started to use Zheng's medicine from Aug 25, 1995, after consecutive four months, focus in the lung disappeared in recheck in 1996, uncontinuously took medicine for several years and did not took medicine for the recent one year.  Healthy by visit in this sprint festival.
980-984 Sun ×× Male 45 Jinshan Hotel, Shantou, Guangdong 1、Right lung cancer after surgery
2、Throat cancer after surgery
Dec, 1992 Diagnosed as right lung cancer and took surgery in Shantou Hospital in Feb 1992. Had throat cancer and took the second surgery in 1998. Felt uncomfortable and reoccur by check. Started to use Zheng's medicine from Dec, 1998, after consecutive four months, the illness become stable and do not reoccur.  Visit in Feb this year, the illness become stable, normally work.
970-700 Li×× Male 75 Mianzhi Village, Changan, Dongguan, Guangdong Right lung cancer Nov, 1997 Diagnosed as lung cancer in Guangzhou Southern Hospital in Oct 1997 with stuffy and ache of lung and cough. Started to  use Zheng's medicine from Nov 17,1997, after consecutive half year, the  the illness become stable started to uncontinuously take medicine 。 Other patient who accepting treatment in the hospital said that he is living normally in Feb this year.
  Ling×× Male 14  Xiapu Village, Dongshan, Chengguan Town, Ruian, Zhejiang Glue tumour of brain Feb, 1992 Diagnosed as left bunch of terminal leaf pathological change in Zhejing Ruian People's Hospital in Feb, 1999. Have surgery in Shanghai Medical University Huashan Hospital. And pathology surgery diagnosed as glue tumor of brain. After that accepted radical treatment, but stopped because of tough side effect. Started to  use Zheng's medicine from Nov 1,after consecutive 3 months, started to uncontinuously take medicine and stopped to take in the recent 2 years.  Visit by telephone in June this year, the illness become stable without rebirth. 
980-802 Liu×× Male 14 No. 60, Baolong Village, Xinwei, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Malignant lymthoma Jun, 1998 Diagnosed as malignant lymthoma in Shenzhen Nanshan People's Hospital in June 1998 because of swell of right neck lymph. Started radical treatment.  By intensify of side effect turned to take Zheng's medicine, after consecutive 3 months, lymthoma disappeared continued to take occasionally for several years.  Healthy by visit in early year, continue to study. 
  Liu×× Male 66 1-7-1, No. 35, Wanshongyuan Community, Wuhan Malignant lymthoma July 1991 Diagnosed as malignant lymthoma in Hunan Cancer Hospital in June 1991. After one and half year chemical treatment, the body started to be weak, with no appetite, only weight more than 30kg, lose of hair. In despair of the patient and his family, started to take Zheng's medicine in July 1993, after consecutive half year, the focus disappeared.  Living till now by visit in 2002 and introducing patients to our hospital for treatment. 



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